The Financial and Emotional Value of Spring Cleaning

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Spring cleaning may not seem like a lot of fun, but slap a smile on anyway! As you consider the financial and the "feel good" benefits of cleaning out and tidying up, your attitude toward those chores may change a little bit.

Start at the Top

Grab a ladder, climb up to your roof, draw in a deep breath of fresh spring air, and clean the gutters. You may wrinkle your nose at the leaves and leftover debris after a long cold season, but you'll save a lot of money and frustration by keeping those gutters clean. Wear a pair of gloves to remove as much of the debris as possible and flush everything else out with a hose. Check the flow of the downspout to be sure there's at least five feet of clearance. This chore can prevent expensive damage to your roof, the walls of your home, and the foundation of the building. It isn't glamorous, but it does give you a chance to look at the beauty of clear, blue, spring skies.

Change the Filters

Have you ever noticed a distinct smell when you turn your heater on for the first time during cold weather or your air conditioner when it gets hot? Dust settles throughout your home during all seasons and you can minimize the presence of those smells by dusting routinely. As part of your efforts to get your home prepared for the spring, give the vents and filters some special attention. The A/C unit is especially susceptible to mold growth, so you may want an expert to inspect the ductwork and evaporator coil before you run the appliance during the summer. You may not love deep-cleaning the registers and filters but thinking about financial savings is sure to brighten your mood.

Air Out the Vents

While you're getting up close and personal with vents and dust, don't forget to give your crawl space vents some love. These openings in the foundation are there for air circulation that reduces the growth of mold. Remove any leaves or debris that may have accumulated during the winter and inspect them for holes and other damage. Don't forget to check drying vents, ceiling fans, vented range hoods, and any other opening that goes between the interior of your home and the exterior. Cleaning out these vents may be a little unpleasant, but it is an important task that keeps your home fresh and your family safe.

Run Alarms and Detectors Through Spring Training

Checking your smoke detectors is a quick and easy task. Smoke alarms and CO detectors can be affected by dust. Simply wipe the outside of the unit with a damp cloth and test the alarms, replacing batteries as needed. This is a simple practice that could save the lives of your loved ones.

Chores? Do You Mean Spring Cleaning Celebration!?

Each curtain you launder or tree you trim brings an element of improvement to your property. You might replace the doormat on the front patio or clear out the random lids without containers from your kitchen drawer. Spring chores are a symbolic way of bringing new life to your home; embrace that feeling of freedom and celebration! What other chores can you think of for the inside and outside of your home?

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