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I know I've mentioned this before but I am one of "those" people,  I am ALWAYS sick!  It doesn't matter what season it is.  I seem to have passed all of these "issues" down to my children as now there is always someone in my household who is sick whether it's a cold or sinuses and allergies.  With all the health problems my family has, I am always looking for alternatives to the traditional medicines I am normally forced to load my loved ones up.  This is why I've fallen in love with Olbas Oil products!

"The essential oils in Olbas have a rich history of aromatherapy use dating back the ancient Egyptians and Chinese. Olbas Oil originated in Basel, Switzerland over 100 years ago. Olbas readily diffuses into the air, providing extraordinary benefits to nasal and bronchial areas. Olbas is readily absorbed into the skin, producing a deep feeling of comfortable warmth. When used as massage oil, it has the remarkable ability to stimulate circulation at the surface of the skin by opening up the skin pores, bringing a soothing warm feeling to tired muscles and joints. These unique properties of Olbas Oil are incorporated into each of the remedies in the Olbas line."

When I have a cold, I used turn to popular brand name vapor rubs for relief.  They were always instant relief but knowing there’s tons of harsh chemical ingredients, I hated using them and especially on my kids if I don't absolutely have to. When I started to learn about the benefits of essential oils, I transitioned into using those instead.  However, the effect sometimes didn't seem quite as strong (or at least in the recipes I've been using).

The Olbas Analgesic Salve has been great for my recent ankle sprain.  Since my doctor said it was a bad sprain, I've been trying any way I can to naturally heal it as well as using only natural pain relief.  This has helped a ton with the pain.  Our personal favorite is the Olbas Inhaler.  It's extremely portable so Alana and I can easily carry it in our purse since we are the ones who suffer the most from seasonal allergies.  I love quick and fast acting this formula is as well as having a healthier alternative that is 100% safe for when the kids are sick.

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