Fall for the Furbabies

Having a pet is an absolute must in my opinion.  While having one can come with lots of responsibility, they just seem to make life that much better.  We've got multiple friends with furbabies instead of children and we've obviously got a household full of both.  Pets are our family and we do everything we can to take care of them.  From sleep to play and everything in between, they deserve the best we have to offer!

Fall Fun

Just like our children, our pets love to play!  Keeping them active is an important part of their health.  Playing is as important as smiling and laughter is to us and believe me you will notice a difference in your furbaby.  It's for this reason that I love seeing my dogs smile when playing with their goDog™, Hear Doggy!® toys, and TrustyPup.
All three brands from Worldwise featuring toys for dogs of all breeds and sizes.  They are all made extra durable using Chew Guard Technology™ and are backed by the Chew Guard Guarantee.  "Durable plush toys, goDog Retrieval toys and innovative new RhinoPlay™ toys are all a part of the fun goDog line.  TrustyPup offers longer lasting toys that are cuddly, colorful and fun!"

The Hear Doggy!® collection consists of ultrasonic plush toys with a squeaker that ONLY your dog can hear!  Yes, you heard me won't hear a thing!  Your dog can have a blast playing all day and night thinking they are making the noise of a lifetime.  Meanwhile, you can sleep, YOUR children can nap, and everyone can watch the TV without having to turn the volume up louder than the irritating dog toy.

Our favorite toy this time around has been the goDog® Sonic Stick™.  When we first opened it up, we had no idea what this unique toy had in store.  The dogs right away ran off with it to chew and shortly after we heard a weird spaceship beeping noise.  We were all baffled but as we peered around the corner, we discovered the stick not only beeping but glowing as the dogs stared at it very confused themselves!  This has quickly become their favorite toy since it is so interactive.

Fear Free Fall

We all know the good ole fashioned way to keep track of our pets right?  Do your best to keep them leashed, indoors, or in a fenced in yard; AND put tags on them.  Now this of course has always meant going to the store and using one of those exgraving machines to create one with your address and everything.  However, those only help if someone finds your pet with the tag.

Pawscout is a smarter pet tag that can do so much more than just tell someone your pets identity.  With Pawscout you can "Locate your pet. Track walks. Keep medical records. Keep your pet safe with an active community and advanced technology."  There is a mobile app which helps with all of this as well as a Community Pet Finder in the case of a lost pet which sends out alerts to everyone in your area similar to an amber alert but for pets.

In addition you can set up a virtual leash which keeps tabs when you pet leaves a specific area.  And even more the active community helps connect you with "local veterinarians, groomers, shelters, or pet-friendly restaurants, stores, or parks".

While I was beyond psyched to get at least one of my pets set up to this, we have yet to get the tag to connect to the app.  Not sure if it's the internet connection at the different places we've tried to connect or what but this thing is definitely not easy to set up.  We don't plan on giving up and will definitely update when we've gotten a chance to play with all the features!

Fluffy Fall

Being that I have three very loving dogs that absolutely love to be cozy with each other as well as with us, I was more than pumped when I discovered the Petlinks Supreme Soother™ bed.  My dogs can be very snobby when it comes to their bedding and we have gone through countless beds and blankets trying to find something they like AND more importantly, won't chew up and destroy!

"The Gel Memory Foam of Petlinks' beds are made from a reclaimed foam mix of shredded remnants from the manufacturing of foam products. The gel beads cool and comfort, while memory foam relieves achy joints. The unique construction reduces heat retention and offers custom support. Petlinks' beds are made from home decor inspired textiles."

I have to say I'm pretty happy over all with my choice in product.  None of the dogs have chewed the bed or tried to destroy it in any way yet.  As you can clearly see from the pictures, our oldest Rayne, has no desire to move from her bed any more. 

Feel Good Fall

"International Veterinary Sciences uses the highest quality Human-Grade standards and ingredients all MADE IN THE USA and in GMP and FDA facilities, IVS products are both effective and safe."  The Lipiderm® Skin + Coat Care has been great for keeping their coats shiny and reducing shedding.  We've been adding this to each of their daily evening meal. 

Having an older dog in our house and Giant Breed puppy, we know that hip, joint, and bone health is very important.  Because of the issues our Great Dane could potentially have as she gets older and the times that our older girl seems to struggles to keep up, we knew we wanted to start on a better track to maintaining their hip health as best we could.  The Arthramine® Bone + Joint Care has been great for keeping them in tip top shape from the inside out.

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