Light Your Space With BenQ Screenbar Plus Review and #Giveaway

Before becoming a blogger, way back when I was in college, I still frequently used computers as an engineer.  At the time, I thought this was great to have so much access to this kind of technology.  My parents and teachers always gave the spiel about how bad staring at the TV or computer too closely would be.  I honestly had no idea what was to come of the technology world and how addicted to it our society (and my children) would become.

Nowadays, it is virtually impossible to get through your day without looking at some form of technology.  Adding LED Lighting can help tremendously with eye strain and other symptoms associated with bright fluorescent lights.  Plus it can help you to relax for a less stressful mood as well as it's better for the environment.

I was pretty psyched to discover the brand BenQ.  With a variety of products in all areas of technology, I knew they were a brand I wanted to work with.  The BenQ Screenbar was just what I had been looking for.  Not only did I want something for my home office as a blogger who is ALWAYS on my computer but for my husband to have at his office as well.

The BenQ Screenbar takes up virtually zero space as it attaches to your monitor with only a simple USB cord to connect and power easily.  It has a wonderful auto dimming feature which adjusts the brightness automatically.  You can also manually adjust the color using the touch control or with the Screenbar Plus using the dial.

I've noticed zero glare and I feel less on edge when writing as I don't have to have every light on in the office just to see my computer clearly.  Since adding the Screenbar Plus to his office desk, my husband hasn't had a single migraine which is an amazing accomplishment over the course of a month.

While both may seem a bit on the pricier side, the cost is very much worth it in my eyes to add something like this to your computers and offices.  Not only is it stress reducing and energy saving, but it could save you from developing some serious ailments due to spending too much time on technology.  If I could send my children to school with a Screenbar, I gladly would to help reduce their eyestrain in class.  I highly recommend checking out BenQ and all they have to offer!

Where to Purchase:  $99 Screenbar 
$129 Screenbar Plus 
Facebook:  BenQ 
Twitter: @BenQAmerica

Giveaway:  BenQ is going to give TWO of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Screenbar of their own! One winner will get the Screen Bar and the other the Screenbar Plus
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