A Ladybug on the Go Starts a New Adventure

I want to share some NEW and EXCITING information as A Lucky Ladybug starts an exciting chapter of adventure.
My family used to camp a ton when I was a little girl and my sisters and I always had a blast.  The tradition of camping has been such a memorable one that now having children of my own, I want them to enjoy the same great experiences I had as well as form those exciting memories and traditions for our own family.

While we already tent camp constantly throughout the warmer months, it's become quite the tasky excursion each time.  For the last two years, my husband and I have discussed the possibility of getting a camper.  Not only because an RV would provide tons of amenities that tent camping does not, but it would help ease the stress of our yearly road trip visiting our in laws across country.

Being that we are on a very tight budget and we understand what a big responsibility/purchase an RV can be, it's taken us forever to really take that leap.  I wanted to share the process with my readers (and potential future readers) so you know you aren't alone in the lengthy and stressful process.  I wanted to share our research, struggles, and of course the whole adventure after.

Types of RV's we thought about purchasing...
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