8 DIY Home Projects

Are you looking for a few easy ways to improve your home? There are plenty of small fixes you can make to improve the look of your home, so collect your tools and get ready!

Cabinet Knobs
Get your occidental leather belt and take to the kitchen! Replacing the knobs on your cabinets is an easy way to add a personal touch to your kitchen. You'll need a drill, screws and the new knobs or pulls you want to install. If you want to repaint your cabinets, doing that before putting on the new fixtures is easy.

Fresh Paint
Repainting a room in your house or even repainting the front door or trim can give your place a face lift. A change of colors can brighten a room or give the front of your house a new look. All you need for this project is some plastic or canvass to cover the floor, paint buckets and a paint tray.

New Backsplash
Give your bathroom or kitchen a new look with some new tiles. Pick out a color that works for your room and brings a new shine to the wall. You'll need some caulk and a new tile pattern. Try watching some tutorials before doing this all yourself and get some help from the people at your local hardware store.

Add Shelving
A simple way to add some decorations to your home and improve storage is to add wall shelves. You can get creative with these - add some storage to your kitchen or living room to store your spices or books and photographs. You'll want to get a carpenter's level, wall anchors, screws and a tape measure.

Install a Ceiling Fan
Ceiling fans can help you improve the air circulation and improve lighting in your home. This project is both functional and decorative. Pick out a ceiling fan that fits the style you want to capture or one that already fits the style in the room you are putting it in. You'll want to recruit a friend to help you with this project and make sure you have a tape measure, drill and screwdriver.

Hang Some Art
A simple way to bring new colors into a space or up your decorating game is to hang up some artwork in your home. You can find old pieces at antique shops or invest in a local artist that hangs paintings in the local coffee shop. Either way, you'll add a touch of class and sophistication to your home with new artwork.
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