Gettin' Girlie w/ Ella Bella Hollywood Mirror - #Review

This mom of boys doesn't get much in the way of girlie, so one of my requirements for the new house was a master bathroom/master suite.  Not that I spend a lot of time getting dolled up but I wanted my own private place free from sharing a space with a bunch of little boys.  When I discovered the Ella Bella Hollywood style mirror, I knew right away that I wanted it for my new master bathroom.  
After shopping around, this mirror seemed to be the best all around package.  Besides being surrounded by lights, I really liked the fact that the light brightness could be adjusted.  I also thought it was pretty cool that there was built in USB plug.  This was a big factor in choosing this mirror as I am always struggling for outlets in my bathroom especially when getting ready to go out on the rare occasion that I'm able to.  I liked that it came with with the moveable magnifying mirrors since they never seem to be placed where I need them on other mirrors I've looked at.  In addition, I liked that the mirror is a standalone unit so if in the future I decide I want to place it in another location, I could easily.
Unfortunately, I do have a bit of a complaint regarding the shipping though.  I read a lot of the reviews that mentioned the packaging and while I wish I could say the same, I have to disagree in a small way from those reviews.  I agree, the brand had the mirror packaged exceptionally well.  From Styrofoam bracing each piece throughout to the extra bubble wrap and tightly packaged box, the mirror seemed quite secure.  However, amazon's packaging left the mirror's box susceptible to shifting and easy damage.  I know this because my first mirror arrived broken.  
Amazon packaged the brands box inside a much larger box and threw in a sheet of brown paper as if that would keep the mirror from shifting throughout the bigger box.  There was no label showing breakable or glass and I can only bet that each delivery person threw and tossed the box around without any care which is why it broke.  Once I contacted them, the brand did a phenomenal job with sending me over a replacement super fast.  Their customer service was quick to respond and resolve.
So far I am pretty psyched about this purchase and have no complaints.  The mirror is a high quality and I love the lighting.  Being in a new house, this helped complete our master bathroom into the perfect space that Mom has been dying to have.  I think the cost is very reasonable and I plan to purchase one for my sister for her birthday since she's complimented it each time she's come by in the past couple weeks.  Girlie girl or not, I feel a bit "Hollywood" now.
Cost/Available to Purchase:  $139.97 Ella Bella Hollywood Mirror
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