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Boy has the world changed over the last year for families all around the world.  A little over a year ago, the world seemed to have little time for family and what we once believed was essential, isn't even a thought now.  Our family has found a deeper meaning to this eye opening time and shifted our focus within.  We stopped working past "work hours", put down our phones, turned off the news, and we focused on one thing - FAMILY.
We started last year by making a huge scoreboard to keep track of a huge game tournament that has turned into multiple scoreboards to continue throughout the year.  While we love the board games, we also wanted to incorporate our family's love for technology into the game play.  
Nintendo is not only a classic in our gaming household but they know how important this family time really is.  Not only have the kiddos loved challenging each other, playing Nintendo Switch games like Mario Cart 8 and Minecraft, but our family loves playing Super Mario Party.  Our newest obsession has been playing the variety of Jackbox Party games and the Nintendo Switch eShop makes it easy to add new seasons/versions anytime we'd like.  
No more having to rush to the crowded store or waiting for something to ship.  The Nintendo Switch eShop has what seems like an endless variety of digital games for your Switch regardless of age or interest.  You can easily purchase a classic game, discover new favorite games, or test out free trials of others.
If your anything like our family, you'll discover more than you planned.  By adding an SD card for extra storage, you can download, access, and play tons of games simply.  So far we've downloaded multiple versions of the Jackbox Party games which have a family friendly mode to play with the kids and an adult mode which we can play whenever we have an older crowd over.  Once the kids got Pokémon Shield they instantly wanted Pokémon Sword, so that was the next download.
Not only is the Nintendo Switch the perfect gaming device for the kids, it has been great for the adults we know too.  Because our oldest has been a nurse in a Covid unit majority of the last year, the kids haven't been able to see much of each other.  We love that because she has a Nintendo Switch, she can play online with her brothers anytime.  They can easily purchase the same games in the eShop and play right away.  Plus, the Nintendo Switch eShop cards make the perfect gift for any occasion.

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