The Easiest Garden You'll Ever Grow w/ Leaf'd Subscription Box - #Review

As you all know I am always trying to find creative ways to garden and especially with the kiddos.  Not only do I love growing my own foods but I love teaching my children the importance of being self sufficient.  Gardening is one of the easiest ways to do so!  However, not everyone has a green thumb and some don't even know where to start.  So when I discovered Leaf'd Box, I knew it was something I wanted to share with all my family, neighbors, and readers.
Leaf'd Box is a garden subscription which provides so much more than just a delivery filled with plants.  "From ClimateSmart, Non-GMO, naturally developed plant seeds, to the smartest substrate available, these plants are one smart cookie!"  Each quarter, you will get to put your hands on a bundle of strong plants that are ready to plant in your garden.  
The crew over at Leaf'd researches and plans out which plants grow best during what months for each level of gardener and garden size.  Not only do they send you "get ready guides" but you'll get email reminders with educational tips, tricks, and step by step planting guides if you need them.  Believe me, they've gotten their hands real dirty so you don't have to...or at least not as much.
We chose the education kit and I decided this was going to be a project just for Mommy and Duncan (my 4 year old).  We are all about learning and especially this Summer since he starts Kindergarten in the Fall.  The Educational kit is coupled with "amazing, fast growing plant varieties with a custom curriculum that guides you each step of the way".
Plants are sent directly to your doorstep using 2 day express shipping.  I do wish it was next day as mine came a little wilty and I was a little worried they might not make it but thankfully we only lost one and the rest have grown faster than I've ever experienced!  No joke, Duncan has taken responsibility for this garden on his own from the start.  
From planting (with a little bit of my help) to watering each day, he's cared for each of his plants.  Lately, I've even had to fight him off from picking the crops before they are ready.  He's learned so much about gardening and how important each step is as well as how great it feels to be able to eat something HE GREW all on his own.
I also always love finding companies that give back when they are able to and Leaf'd is one of those feel good brands you can rest easy about throwing your money at them.  On top of encouraging self sufficiency, they give a year's worth of clean water to someone in need for every subscription as part of their ONEtoONE program. 
Available to purchase/Cost:  $99 + shipping/Small Education Kit (10 Plants and instructional emails/video access) 
Recommendation:  I definitely would recommend this company to anyone who gardens at any level.  This makes for a great project for your little ones to learn about growing or would even make a great gift for someone you know.  My only real complaint is the price of the educational box.  It's a hefty price even though it's like being enrolled in a mini at home class.  If your not a novice, I suggest the small veggie garden which provides the same 10 plants just less virtual educational materials which comes to $4.40/plant OR consider one of the larger plant kits for the best individual plant price.
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