Genesis Model by Soda Stream Review

    When I was first chosen to receive a product from Soda Stream, I had some reservations.  How good could this really be?  Would an at home soda machine really make a product that taste similar to the real thing?  Would it be as fizzy and stay that way or would my pop be flat in a couple hours? And finally, would it be cost effective for my family?

     Once the box came, the kids were pumped!  You would have thought it was Christmas.  We had to open it and try it right away.  We received the Genesis model which was extremely simple to setup with no real assembly.  One of the coolest things about this model is that it requires no electrical outlet and no batteries.  I'm in love already! 

     Making soda is super easy, just fill your reusable bottle, tighten onto the machine, press the button approximately 3 times, carefully pour the syrup into the bottle, and your done!!!  Easy Peasy my kids could even do this.  And this soda tastes like the real thing!  The best part is it tastes the same as any other type you may choose but with less calories, sugar, and sodium.  Now we're talking!  The pop is also made using a reusable plastic bottle (there are glass bottles available as well) AND you are being eco-friendly by not purchasing more plastic bottles.  Another great bonus for us since we live in Michigan is no paying deposit for the bottles either!

     Now, of course the biggest question of all is how cost effective is making your own soda?  Well, its hard to completely break everything down.  But the way we figured it, for every seven 2-liters you buy of any regular pop you, two will be free.  The part that is hard to factor in is the CO2 tank which can cost you anywhere from $40-$80 and it all depends on how long it lasts.  My assumption is that it would last approximately a month since I know that the restaurant ones are 5 times the size and are used much more frequently and last just under a month.  Here's a kicker though, if you drink energy drinks you can get the equivalent of 50 Red Bulls for about $7 bucks!!  Wow that is worth the whole machine in itself.
      My overall opinion though is that everyone needs one of these in their households!  Not only is it cost effective and tastes great but green friendly in several ways for our environment!  You can purchase the Genesis model at Soda Stream starting at $99 and syrup packages starting at $4.99.

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