Joster International Coasters and Cupcake Vase Review/Giveaway 2

Raspberry Cupcake Vase
     We are always looking for something new and a little different for our home kitchen area.  Now lets be honest, there are tons of cup coasters out there.  I used to have a set of bamboo ones that were my favorite because they were "earth friendly" but that was also when I was back in college and had no idea what earth friendly even meant. 

     Joster provided me with a set of four coasters of my choice and I chose the Fleur De Lys design.  They were the design that worked the best I guess with our theme or as close as we could get.    Joster coasters are silicone coasters and wine glass charm all in one.  They purposely stick to your wine glass as you move place to place.  This is pretty cool if you ask me since I've never seen anything like it!  I don't have to worry about adding charms to everyones glass or just dealing with the unattended deserted half full glasses around my house on girls night.  It fact these couldn't have come at a better time since I am actually having an annual "Girls Night In" this weekend.  I am a big drinker and I hate to waste my money on drinks left sitting unattended!  The rubber is great because its never going to get some weird ring or wet look to it after extended use.  It is also very easily cleaned, the designed insert removes easily and everything can be cleaned without any water damage or discoloration ever.

     My only complaint is that the designs could be better.  I felt they were a little dull for my generations taste.  I would have loved to see something with irish pride or that you could see/use in a winery.  By all means though these are a great idea that I would recommend to anyone let alone the wine drinker (we just didn't find any designs we felt we could fall in love with).  You can purchase these at Joster for $14.95.

     I was also provided by Joster my very own Cupcake vase.  This is such an adorable concept and would be great as a wedding favor!  This is a flexible vase with preset holes for proper flower placement.  This little vase helps create the perfect arrangement by placing each flower/bud in one of the holes which are all spaced throughout your "cupcake".  This makes designing a vase simple, you could even use it for a children's vase.  This vase is made of a flexible resin so it very flexible and easy to clean.  This type of resin also slows the growth of bacteria helping your flowers last longer.  What I hate about normal vases is that they get that moldy mildew ring half way down which I have to use one of my bottle cleaners to get that far if anything gets stuck.  With the cupcake vase you can get soap and water and even a sponge into it if you need to.  I wish it was a little deeper since I love my long stem flowers.  But what is great is that for someone like my mother who is the crazy green thumb, she can take all of her accidental broken flowers and make a very cute centerpeice for her everyday table with no effort!  You can purchase the cupcake vase from Joster for $10.95.  This would also be something to consider if you are planning a wedding.  I wish I had known about these three months ago since we are hand making all of the centerpeices for my sisters wedding in October!

Joster is giving away a set of coasters to one of the "lucky" readers of A Lucky Ladybug and a cupcake vase to another one of the "lucky" readers of A Lucky Ladybug.


  1. I like the chocolate color the best.

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  3. love the lavender cupcakes.
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  4. I like the blue Bubblegum color.

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  6. I like the chocolate brown cupcake design.


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