My Glow Keys Review and Giveaway
     Becoming a Blogger recently has introduced a whole new world I never knew existed.  Being a blogger
is a fantastic job/hobby in my eyes!  But it is not without its negatives.  I tend to spend tons of time on
the computer.  Most of that time is during the evening hours once my husband is home to help with the
children.  Not only is it starting to get dark earlier but we start turning off lights or dimming them
around 7-8 pm to start getting the boys ready for bed (even though you and I know my kids don't ever
sleep).  Because of this I spend quite a bit of time typing in low lighting or in the dark.  Ummm, can you
say terrible for your eyes?!  My eye sight is bad enough as it is I really don't want to make it any worse
but this is my only time to get some good work done for everyone!

     My Glow Keys  are a pretty cool creation to help with these issues.  They are stickers that you put
onto your keyboard to help it glow.  My Glow Keys  uses reflective technology to use the light from the
key board to glow almost similar to a glow in the dark sticker.  These labels should last up to ten years
with average wear and tear.

     I had to give these a try especially since they are supposed to be fairly easy to remove (if for some
reason I absolutely hated them).  These are great!  My only complaint is they were not extremely easy to
apply.  You needed to be accurate or you were trying to remove and replace a couple times since the
keyboard keys are pretty small.

Cost:  My Glow Keys Set $14.95 or for two sets $19.95
Available to purchase: My Glow Keys
Recommendation:  Eh, I wouldn't say yes for $15 for one set of stickers but if they were cheaper they would
be totally worth it.  I'd say the two sets is more worth the purchase.


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