Tommee Tippee Explora Truely Spill Proof Sippy Cup Review/Giveaway

Intuitively designed for guaranteed easier & more natural transition (9m+ Stage 2)

      If you've had children or have young ones now you know how important it is to have the correct utensils as they grow.  Part of that is having the correct bottles and sippy cups for the right stages of your children.  We all know we are supposed to start losing the bottles and pacifiers around a year (of course that is a very vague time frame and can vary child to child).  As I am making the switch over with Declan to sippy cups I am struggling quite a bit because he wants to use his big brothers cups.  Danes are not spill proof and have straws (they are cheap ones from Walmart).  Declan is into everything, he loves to throw what he comes across that he doesn't want, which in turn equals lots of messes!  I have been trying to find something that is totally spill proof and that looks like a big kid cup at the same time.

     Tommee Tippee has the Explora line which is supposed to be "Truely Spill Proof" that I thought we could give a try.  The bottles are bigger and almost look like a reusable water bottle that we would purchase for Dane or even Alana (our 13 year old).  These have something called the advance-flo™ valve technology designed by a physicist. The Explora should require almost no force to drink from and still remains spill- and leak-proof.  The sippy cups are BPA and phthalate free and are also dishwasher safe as well.

     To be honest, I didn't really believe the claims made by Tommee Tippee and other manufacturers!  I swear every time I think I've found a cup, its either impossible for the kids to suck with so much force or its spill proof until it sits the right way on my carpet.  Next thing I know I have little leak puddles on the bed, couch, or floor because the cup tilted and touched something at the right angle.  But I have to say I have yet to experience this result at all.  I have let Declan shake his cup upside down (because of course he loves to do this while making a mess) and seen no drips.  He has thrown it on the floor and couch as usual and there have been no wet spots from it leaking over the last hour! 

     These cups are also amazing in a way that there is virtually no effort needed to remove the liquid from the cup when trying to drink.  I had everyone in my household (yes Kevin too) trying to spill from these as well as drinking out of them just so I could show how great these cups were!!  The only one I couldn't get a picture of drinking out of the cup was Declan who the cups were for - that darn child won't sit still long enough!!
explora ® truly spill proof sippy cup x 2 - blue 

Cost:  2 Pack Set Stage 2 Explora Sippy Cup $7.99
Available to purchase: Tommee Tippee can be purchased at Babies "R" Us and Toys "R" Us stores and Online
Recommendation:  If you couldn't tell from above, I think everyone should have a set of these in your home even if you don't have children.  Ha Ha there is always a need at one point and time for a spill proof cup!

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explora pinkDecorated Starter Set - BoySensitive Tummy Starter Kit.

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