Loopeez Shoe Tying Aid Review and Giveaway

     Although I do realize that three is a little young to start learning how to tie shoes, we've been trying to learn new things this "school" year.  Dane has always been way ahead of all the milestones and that's not me just bragging about my child.  As proud as I am I also think that's not a good thing.  You then have children who don't know what to do with themselves because they are too little to get into the things that they are smart enough to.  Any way, I thought why not teach him how to tie his own shoes since he knows how to put his shoes on the right feet.  While doing an online search for how to tie your shoes I stumbled upon Loopeez.

"Loopeez works by accelerating the learning process and eliminating frustration." so they say.  But do they?

     Yes, you wouldn't believe how frustrating tying your shoes can be to a child.  It takes coordination and focus.  Almost something we as adults have forgotten because its to common.  Loopeez helps to hold the loops together and eliminates the difficulty of keeping them together while making the knot.  They come in several different colors with cute graphics on each to add a little flair to your child's feet! 

     I have to say it is going to take us a couple more weeks to learn to tie but we are on our way.  I don't see the frustration in Dane until the end when he can't completely finish the knot.  I love the fact that these are made from a rubber material.  I swear all kids shoes are always coming untied so easily and with Loopeez being rubber it helps old the tie tighter.  They also seem like they will last a while through more than our first laced shoes.

Cost: $5.95/pair
Available to purchase: Loopeez
Recommendation:  These are cute, they don't seem to actually teach a child how to tie but aid in the process.  They make it something fun to work on.
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Twitter: @LoopeezInc

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