Shoulder Buddies Review and Giveaway

     At first I had "accidentally" discovered Shoulder Buddies while shopping at a Hallmark recently and Dane of course like everything said, "Mommy I want one of those!".  I'll admit I thought about it for a second because I thought they were cute but then passed up on the idea because I hate spending money on anything that's not a necessity.  Plus, who gives their kids everything they ask for since they ask for everything!  But then he mentioned them again a couple days later so I got myself online to see what they really were.  I thought they looked like a birdie version of a troll like we used to have when I was little.

     Shoulder Buddies are "friends you wear with smarts to share".  Each collectible character has a positive message and shares special life lessons.  For example, the two Shoulder Buddies I received to review were Peace and Crush. 

     Peace is a world traveler who meets new people and shares his "peaceful smarts".  His smarts card discusses the WORLD - Work together, Open your mind and heart, Remember we are equal, Love one another, and Deliver this message of peace.  Don't we need to keep our children focused on topics like this.  Reading it to my son I feel like this is the most important of life lessons I try to instill on him.  There is too much violence especially in our young ones lives right now, WE need to start changing that!

     Crush is a cutie who shares his "lovable smarts".  His smarts card discusses smarts to FLIRT with - Falling head over heels, Love at first sight, Like your smile, Romance is in the air, and Thinking about you.  Not quite as clear of a message as Peace but lots of good happy thoughts for children and he goes really well with Peace's message of loving yourself and others!

     There are several others that include laughter, frustration, adventure, travel, cooking, teamwork, money, clean smarts and several more.  Each with a lesson for your child to build upon all while making a new buddy!  Each buddy comes with a magical coin so they can attach to your shirt to be worn on your shoulder.  This way they can be there to guide you along the way.  Unfortunately, the only negative thing I have to say is about the coin.  We lost one pretty quick and the other one Declan chewed up :) so now my shoulder buddies are magnetic to things like the cabinet or fridge but not my kids.  On a positive note I don't think this is too uncommon since the coins can be purchased online in sets of four!

Cost: $5.99 each
Available to purchase: Shoulder Buddies Online Store or Hallmark Stores, Learning Express Stores, Toys "R" Us, and Specialty shops around the country

Recommendation:  These little guys are cute!  I think for a low price of five bucks they are worth it since kids tend to collect so many silly toys over time and each of these will come with a learning life lesson.


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