Green Bumkin Sippy Strap Review and Giveaway

     I really had no idea about the world of etsy shops until a family member mentioned her own shop and all these great others.  As I began to look around not only was I surprised at how many great creations individuals had designed but even more so the amount of "green friendly" items that were out there.  Everyone that has kids knows there are some really ridiculously expensive items that every first time mom buys that we actually never use.  And there are those silly cheap gadgets that make all the difference in your crazy world.  Green Bumkin makes those silly items and should be proud of it!

     You put a pacifier in your child's mouth only for them to learn they can throw it everywhere and anywhere.  So you buy a pacifier clip.  You put your child in a stroller and give them a sippy cup or bottle only for them to throw it every two feet you walk.  So you buy the strap.  This strap can be attached to most bottles, sippy cups, and toys.

     When I first received mine, I thought the design was cute but I was honestly confused as to how this would really work AND whether or not it would even fit around most of my sippy cups.  Surprisingly it easily snaps around most of the cups we have and the other end can be snapped around just about anything else as well.  We went to the zoo today and snapped all sippies to the stroller to avoid loss and dirt!  We also use our strap now (more often than any other) to keep the sippy cup at the high chair.  See, we have dogs and when Declan throws the bottle on the floor it gets dog hair so someone has to get up to clean the bottle each time.  This has solved the problem permanently! 

     I have not used my strap on toys yet but I'm sure it will work just as well, especially in the stroller.  Green Bumkin also makes reusable wipes, crayon rolls, reusable sandwich/snack bags, and wet bags.

Cost: $4.16 each
Available to purchase:  Green Bumkin Etsy Shop

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