Kinder Soles Flip Flop Review and Giveaway

     Now usually I start a review out by telling you a little about how I can across the company I am reviewing but this time I don’t even remember.  I’m sure it was in searching for earth friendly products because this is a pretty neat company.  You hear a lot of talk lately about reusing cups /water bottles because of all the waste we are producing around the world.  The one major advertisement that always comes to mind is the commercial where they line up all the used water bottles around the world.  Well, Kinder Soles new Earth Line is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles and other recycled industrial materials and their “Organic-Tees are made using organic cotton grown using methods that have a low impact on our environment.”

     I was given the Women’s Original Flip Flop to review.  These were definitely not my usual style flip flop (and I wear flip flop all year long), but after hearing about the great things Kinder Soles does with their shoes and for the environment, I had to give them a fair try.  I was pleasantly surprised with how comfortable these were.  I think this was the first time I really felt the arches in my feet being supported in a pair of flip flops!  My only complaint is that for a womens style flip flop, they could be a little bit more appealing.

     Here is an interesting fact that I wanted to share with everyone that I learned while doing this review; did you know it takes the average shoe twenty years to decompose?  Wow, I guess I will be thinking twice before throwing even my most ragged pair of shoes into the trash!!  Your shoes can either be donated to local charities to people who need shoes of their own OR they should be recycled (into new shoes). 

     Now I am currently working with Soles4Souls Charity to get shoes to children in need BUT the “proceeds from every Kinder Soles purchase go towards sending shoes to people in need through the SoleMates Foundation which is Kinder Soles' non-profit arm.

Cost:  $49.99 Women’s Original Flip Flop
Available to purchase: Kinder Soles
Recommendation:  These are way too expensive for my taste BUT they are great quality and keep your feet feeling great so it all depends on what you are willing to pay for comfort (and peace of mind when it comes to the environment!)
Facebook:  Kinder Soles 
Twitter: @BeAKinderSole


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