Managing Your Food Supply or Edible Stockpile

Because of my restaurant background, I can pretty much answer any food safety questions you may have.  Here are a few basic best practices to follow especially if you plan on having a large stockpile of food (which we don't in our house - we like to eat!)
  1. Do not purchase dented cans, crushed boxes, or open containers.  If you must because of a discount or deal, inspect it thoroughly.  This should be consumed right away. Do not wait until the expiration since bacteria can grow in these containers more easily.  (The longer you wait the more likely there is something in there you don't want to eat.)
  2. Date your product as it comes in with a permanent marker.  The expiration date is better than the date purchased so you won't have to look for it in the future.
  3. FIFO is the first rule you learn in food safety.  It means First In First Out, always use the oldest first.  So if your kids are like mine and just grab, you want to make sure to line your products up with the newesr product as far back on the shelf/cabinet.
  4. Turn you cans upside down when storing them.  Dust and other dangerous particles can settle on top of the can and then when opening the can they settle nicely into your food.  So by keeping them upside down you minimize the foreign objects that could end up inside!
  5. Grouping - I also like to group like items together like pasta, marinara, and canned tomatoes.  It just makes it easier when throwing meals together to have it all in the same place.

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