ShaToBu Shapewear Review

     Lets be honest, who doesn't want to lose weight or get more tone without the effort?! I do I do!  Exercise can sometimes just be hard to fit into some of our daily schedules.  What if you could burn calories just by wearing certain clothing?  This concept has completely intrigued me and so that's how I discovered ShaToBu.
 Slimming Posture Supporting Top
     ShaToBu is similar to your normal shapewear with a twist.  "By incorporating resistance bands right into the garment, muscles work a little harder and more calories are burned during daily activities.  Non-binding, stay-in-place waist and leg bands prevent marking, bulging and rolling.  ShaToBu is made of Nylon and Lycra with overall moisture-wicking properties, and a cotton CoolMax gusset, to keep you cool and comfortable."  Thus helping you fit that little extra exercise into your already packed days.
High Waist to Knee Shaper
     I have to say after wearing my ShaToBu for a couple weeks I have had a few days wear I maybe felt a little more sore or tired as compared to an average day.  To me the ShaToBu felt the same as wearing a spanx but actually much more comfortable!  I didn't feel as though I couldn't breath or sweaty and itchy like I do when I wear my spanx. 

Cost:  $45 High Waist to Knee
Available to purchase:  ShaToBu
Recommendation:  I have to say if I need to go out and buy another body shaper this will probably be wear I'd go to purchase one.  They are a little costly though if you ask me but I suppose you'd pay something similar for any other shapewear and thats without the technology and comfort.
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Twitter:  @ShaToBu

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