Vamplet Babies Review and Giveaway

     If you haven’t been hiding out the last couple years, you know that the popularity of vampires and werewolves has increased dramatically with movies like twilight and shows like true blood.  This is all ages but especially with the teenage girl population.  My daughter is one of them (and if I am being true to all of my readers, I am one of them too)!  I swear since starting my blog and completing reviews I have not been able to find much for Alana.  She is almost 14 and way too old (and cool) for any of the normal products a mother can find to review.  Vamplets are actually the first thing I found that she would have an interest in (and maybe not look at me like I was crazy for getting her these)!

     Vamplets are diapered demon vampire babies.  These absolutely cute and creepy babies are looking to be adopted into “their final resting place”.  You can even enter your new baby on the website to print its undead certificate.  There is a forum to discuss your vamplets with other “unfortunate” vamplet parents There are bios on each Vamplet to be sure you receive proper warnings and care as well as a funeral home to create a final resting place for each of them.

     I wish there was more to say about these little guys as we have had so much fun playing with them.  They are each just as cute as Gothic can be!
Cost:  $19.95 Vamplet Doll
         $5.95 Bottle of Disappearing Blood
Available to purchase:  Vamplets
Recommendation:  I have had a blast with these little one’s however I do feel like they are quite pricey at $20 a doll but they are handmade and the detail is great.  Vamplets are definitely a fun toy for us Halloween lovers to have all year round.
Facebook:  Vamplets


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