CIRÉ BY GRANDOE® Leto Women's Knit Texting Gloves Review

     I'm guessing there are not many of my readers who do not have a touch screen device by now.  If you are one of the few you are living in a thing of the past.  There aren't many electronic devices available anymore to the public that do not have the touch screen technology.  Which brings me to an issue going into the winter monthes that I'm sure many of you have experienced:  How do you keep warm AND stay in touch?  Of course you can wait 20 minutes here and there until your inside and all your layers are peeled off or you can just pull off your gloves in the cold to quickly text someone (while your hand potentially starts to freeze, haha).  Though, if you are like me, you just want to use your phone right away without any extra effort or discomfort!  There is a solution to today's problem.

     "CIRÉ BY GRANDOE® is introducing their newest innovation; Sensor-Touch™ gloves designed to help people stay warm and stay connected. Sensor-Touch gloves are built to be touch screen compatible and fashionable. They will activate all touch screen devices including Smartphones, E-Readers, Tablets, MP3 Players, ATM’s, Fuel Pumps and GPS Devices."

     I was given the opportunity to try out the Leto Women's Texting Knit Gloves.  These are powered by Knit Fingertip Technology which allows connectivity on the index finger and thumb through Nano Technology.  These gloves have conductive material (which mimics the touch of the human hand) weaved through the finger tips and thumb for connectivity.  These are available in s/m or lg/xl and come in either black, red, or grey knit.

    These are great and really work!  Not only are they comfortable and warm gloves but they worked on all of the devices we tried them on including a kindle, smartphone, and iPod.  My daughter said she thought it was a little weird at first because you don't expect it to work through the gloves but now she asked for a pair for herself for Christmas.  In saying that, these would definitely make a great gift for anyone in your family who either lives where it get pretty cold or for the technology lover in the group!

Check out these YouTube Videos for a little more technology info:
Embroidered Fingertips
TouchTec Leather
InfiKnit (Fingertip and Thumb only)
            ( Entire hand)

Cost:  $40
Available to purchase:  Cire Store
Recommendation:  Super cool product and totally worth the cost when you think about what you would be paying for a good pair of gloves anyway!
Discount: Good thru end of year receive 15% off any full priced luxury handwear purchase from Cire by Grandoe Use Promo Code: SLELEVEN

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