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     I have been fortunate to stay at home the last couple years after having my babies but I haven't forgotten what standing on your feet ten hours a day at work can do to your entire body.  Having the right shoes can make or break many common issues and symptoms people often complain of.  Many of these include sore feet, legs and back.  When I workout I get a terrible heal pain which I recently discovered as Plantar Fasciitis. My husband (who does work) stands on his feet ten hours a day and complains of terrible knee pain at the end of the day.  I decided we need to try something different which is how I discovered Happy Feet®

     Happy Feet® is made in the US and "is the only insole company to provide you documented proof that its product works and, what's more, explains in plain language why it works."  I decided my hubby deserved to review these as he is the one standing all day long and he deserves a little "manly" pampering!  There are several benefits to using Happy Feet®.  The insoles are made of highly breathable fabric and are anti-microbial and resist odor and mildew. Bonus!!  My husbands feet stink at the end of the day!!

     They are cost effective as the can easily transfer from shoe to shoe and can be worn in every type of shoe.  Another bonus is that every pair comes with both a one year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.  You wouldn't believe how quickly Kevin goes through insoles so this is a totally perfect guarantee. Kevin loves his Happy Feet®...he says they make my feet happy!!  The insoles were a little hard to get used to at first because of the floating feel of the glycerin.  These massaging insoles helped Kevin feel a lot better after work after wearing them for a couple weeks.
Cost: $44.95
Available to purchase: Happy Feet
Recommendation: Well, you all know I'm cheap unless it comes to quality that's well worth it and I have to say Kevin (being the hard critic he is) thinks they are well worth another purchase for myself to have a pair or him to have a 2nd set.  Use promo code 70733 to buy your own pair of Happy Feet insoles
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