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Yoga ByThe Dozen

     Ok we all know that children this day and age have more technology than any other generation combined. I know I say this frequently and I've heard others say the same thing but when I was little we used spend every waking moment outside riding bikes and playing sports or doing WHATEVER just to be outside. Now because of cell phones, computers, and video games it almost seems like you have to add play/exercise time outside to the chore list. Which is yet another reason why the child obesity rate is so out of control. You will more than likely see this paragraph in another review coming up here soon since I have been trying to find new ways to interest my children in keeping active. I have a husband who is a huge gamer and unfortunately it is already rubbing off on my youngest two boys. I am not happy so anything that helps deter them I am going to be very much into.

     Yoga by the Dozen is designed for ages2 to 6 to get children up and moving. I especially liked how the children in the DVD were all wearing tshirts with your bodies organs printed on them. They frequently referenced stretching your heart or putting your hands on your kidneys. This is great because it helps children learn about their bodies as well as being active. Dane unfortunately didn't keep as interested in this DVD as long he had with the last childrens yoga DVD that I reviewed. Alana and myself loved it and thought it was a great way to teach the boys. Even Declan is now at the age where he was copying moves off the TV too.

     The woman teaching the class was very pleasant and kept Dane interactive throughout most of Yoga by the Dozen! I believe the interest ending the first time we watched it was a fluke and more my fault since this was the second DVD we tried to watch in a row and you know how quickly kids can get bored and loose focus. The next attempt we finished the whole exercise. You can also buy the T-shirts you see the children wearing in the video as well as the mats with the foot and handprints and other yoga supplies for children.

Cost: $17.99 DVD or $36.53 DVD/T-Shirt Set
Available to purchase: Yoga by the Dozen
Recommendation:  A little on the expensive side for me for such a short DVD even if it gets the kids moving although I did like this one much more than the others I have seen. Very creative and educational!
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