My Little Doc Childrens Lab Coat Review and Giveaway

     Now, I know Halloween just passed but if you have kids you know that really means nothing as far as dress up and pretend play goes.  We have several costumes that stay out all year long for the kids to play pretend with.  We recently had the opportunity to review a lab coat from My Little Doc which was more fitting in our family than just any costume.

     Dane already has a dentist play dough set in which he pretends to be grandma pulling teeth or fixing holes (cavities).  A lab coat was just the thing he was missing to complete the package and look just like grandma.  As you can see in my picture, Dane loves to wear this around as much as he can.  It seems as though he thinks its a permanent robe or coat.  Honestly, grandma is his life and he would be with her 24/7 if he could.  Now when he's not, he can pretend to be just like her!

     My Little Doc is such a cute company for your little ones.  They produce everything medical related for your children of all ages from scrubs and lab coats to doctor bags and medical ID bracelets.  My lab coat seems to be made as good as the real scrubs and coats if not better.
Landau Kids Lab Coats, Size 5/6

Cost:  $19.99
Available to purchase:  My Little Doc
Recommendation: This is a very cute site with SO much stuff for all ages.  If you have a little one aspiring to be in the medical field or possibly know someone who is in the same career path then I would recommend giving the site a look!
Facebook:  My Little Doc
Twitter:  @MyLittleDoc

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