Silver Tails Bamboo Charcoal Mat Review

     We have discussed this in previous posts but I believe my pets are my family.  One of the hardest things I have had to deal with is pets getting old but it happens to everyone.  With senior pets being approximately 50% of the US pet population, the health care of these loved ones is a growing concern of us pet lovers.  Silver Tails (Quaker Pet Group) is the first-ever line of pet care products specifically devoted to senior pets, which now constitutes about 50% of the US pet population.  The line includes mobility aids, massage therapy tools, sensitive dental care, supplements, toys, and holistic therapies for improved circulation. 

     I received the Bamboo-Charcoal Mat to review. "This holistic material reacts with the pet’s own body heat and effectively eliminates odor, absorbs moisture, and promotes improved blood circulation."  They can be used on the floor, furniture, current dog beds, and in vehicles.  These "have a non-skid bottom for added traction, and includes sturdy integrated handles for lifting and moving older pets; Machine washable cover and hand-washable inner lining."

     This is a very difficult review to complete because my product (unfortunately) did not last more than a month.  Now I do have one puppy who is about to be a year old and a senior pet who is about to be seven years old so there is quite a difference between their behaviors.  When I first received the dog mat I thought it looked great!  The charcoal was a great idea and I'm not quite sure what happened with the mat but within a week it was leaking "stuff" all over my kitchen.  This could have really been Rayne (the puppy) BUT I will say this I could not find any chew marks or frayed areas that would have allowed the charcoal to fall out but yet it was everywhere in my kitchen.  The dogs loved it while it lasted especially Capone but it was only around for about two weeks.  I think this was again mostly our fault.  Had I used it as a cover on a current dog bed it may have worked out much better.

Cost:  $39.99
Available to purchase: Petco
Recommendation:  I probably wouldn't buy the charcoal mat again (because of the mess) but as far as the whole Silver Tails product line, I think it is amazing and can do some wonderful things for your pet.  Especially the older pets with joint issues, check the other products out.  Plus, I love Petco and they have great prices on everything!

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