Plasmart Perplexus Original Toy of the Year Nomination and Repost of Review

     I wanted to repost my review of the Perplexus Original as they have been nominated as Educational Toy of Year by the Toy Industry Association. This is like the “Oscars” for the toy industry.  In honor of this celebration they are giving away another Perplexus Original.  All you have to do is help by voting for them so they can receive this award!

We all know the holiday season is coming up and the older our children get the harder it is to buy gifts for them. Dane is at the perfect age for Christmas since he has a full understanding of Santa and honestly I could get him just about anything and he would be happy. My other two are the difficult ones. Alana being 13 is in between the "older" girlie things and the "little" kids toys. Declan already has everything he could need because of Dane plus, he hasn't a clue whats happening and would probably have more fun playing with the empty boxes than the actual toys. I honestly don't know who I had in mind when I discovered Perplexus and decided to review this intriguing game.

"Perplexus is a maze game where players maneuver a small marble around challenging barriers inside a transparent sphere." This single path maze/obstacle course is designed for 6 and up . Dane actually understood the concept at almost 4 years old but got bored easily as it wasn't interactive enough for him. Alana enjoyed working on the maze for quite some time but even she struggled in certain areas and got a little frustrated.

"PERPLEXUS assists in child development allowing children to exercise their motor and dexterity skills, as well as improve their hand-eye coordination. Its small size makes it easily portable."

Perplexus Original
Cost: $24 Perplexus
Available to purchase: Perplexus website has a list of stores local to you on their site.
Recommendation: I wish I could tell you if this toy was worth the cost but I have no clue how much it actually costs. I've looked all over and can't seem to find the price. Although, I will tell you this keeps the kids busy and seemed pretty fun in a challenging way!
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