The Sili Company Sili Squeeze Review and Giveaway

     Both of my boys are chubbies (and I love every bit of it!)  They have both been in the 90 percentile and above for sizes.  Their eating styles have reflected this from very young, both starting on baby food before six months and regular foods by six or seven months old (of course because it was recommended by my pediatrician).  With giving children food this young comes a couple hazards - choking and messes.  When I first discovered the Sili Squeeze™, I thought it was the best idea and solution for this.

     The Sili Squeeze™ is sippy cup of some sorts that you can add pureed foods such as applesauce, blended berries and veggie blends inside.  "The Sili Squeeze™ was developed out of the desire to feed my growing baby nutritious food on the go whether in the car seat, stroller, or shopping cart. The squeeze is 'mommy hands free', so your little ones can squeeze themselves silly, without the mess and wastefulness of a disposable squeeze."  This can be used for children as young as six months.

     Declan loves his squeeze as do I!  I can feed him yogurt or honestly whatever without having to worry about either feeding him myself or dealing with a massive mess to clean up after.  I love my children and love staying home with them but being a blogger I feel like I constantly have to juggle my computer along side of them.  The Sili Squeeze™ helps a great deal with this around snack and meal times!

Cost:  $11.25 - 4 oz Sili Squeeze™
         $12.75 - 6 oz Sili Squeeze™
         $22.00 - Sili Squeeze™ Combo Pack: one 4 oz, one 6 oz
Available to purchase:  Sili Squeeze™
Recommendation:  These are a little costly but made environmentally friendly and are reusable for longer than your average bottle or sippy.  I would recommend this to anyone who has a child age ranged 6mo to 2 years.
Facebook:  Sili Squeeze™
Twitter:  @TheSiliSqueeze
Giveaway:  Sili Squeeze™ is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a 4oz Sili Squeeze™ of their own!


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  3. I "like" their website (Marysa N).
    I had no idea this existed! I have been buying squeezable fruit/veggies for about 4 years now, but I have been so frustrated that I couldn't just use my own homemade babyfood instead (in some kind of reusable pouch). My younger daughter has a lot of food issues and allergies, we are lucky she gets a lot of nutrition from squeezable fruit/veggies - this would be so great! Thanks!
    Marysa {at} marysa {dot} com

  4. This product is ingenious!


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