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       Anyone out there have a big age gap between their children?  It can be very difficult at times to explain why one can do something but the other (younger) sibling cannot just yet.  It is especially hard for me because my older one (Alana) is a thirteen year old girl and next in line is my almost four year old son (Dane).  Dane has the hardest time understanding why Alana can add things to her hair or wear makeup or paint her nails.  We try our hardest to keep things fair and allow him to explore every aspect of life regardless of his age but there are just some things he cannot do.

     I will not even let Alana color her hair permanently or highlight it.  What I do allow her though is semi permanent hair color (if it shows up on her dark hair) or adding things such as the feathers extensions.  But I still can't let Dane do this since he is so young (and a boy).  I love his curly blond locks and do not want to ever do anything to destroy them.  Thankfully I discovered a solution for this specific (jealousy) issue.  Streekers!!

     Streekers are a paint on hair color which come in eight colors to choose from.  I was able to let Dane pick which colors he would be happy with and as soon as they came in the mail, you know he had to try them right away!  The great thing about these is they show up extremely well on light colored hair and wash out as soon as you get in the bath/shower.  They didn't work so well on Alana's dark hair but that's ok since they were not for her.  You do also have to beware of them possibly staining the hair if left in too long but they came right out of Dane's hair.  In fact, he even freaked a little when his bath water turned solid blue!

Cost:  $10.95 ea/ $3.95  S/H (entire purchase)
Available to purchase:  Streekers
Recommendation:  They are a little to pricey for me considering they are completely temporary but a GREAT solution if you have a similar issue with your children (or even if you want to add some flair to yourself!)
Facebook:  Streekers
Twitter:  @Streekers
Giveaway:   Streekers is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers 2 colors of their own to try!

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