The Willow Store Organic Mini Forever Cloths Review and Giveaway

      One thing I have not been able to convince Kevin (my husband) to switch over to a more green friendly alternative has been napkins!  He loves to use paper towel and napkins instead of reusable which drives me insane!!  I very rarely buy the paper towel because I can force him to clean up with all the towels I have made easily accessible to him but still haven't gotten that far on the napkins.  Recently I discovered yet another great website that makes saving in the little ways super easy - The Willow Store

     The Willow Store is actually a bigger advocate of the reusable diapers but they have several other great items I was very interested in giving a try. They have reusable wool dryer ball to save on dryer sheets, reusable bags to save on plastic and my favorite pick reusable napkins to save on paper napkin products!  I had to give these Organic Mini Forever Cloths a try as soon as I saw them. 

    Not only did they come all folded with ribbon looking perfect for a gift to any of your "tree hugger" friends but I wasn't expecting each side of them to be made of a different material.  One side was oh so soft like a baby blanket and the other was a little heavier similar to a wash cloth.  I love using these and frequently use them to wipe up my kids after lunch or snacks throughout the day.  Kevin on the other hand seems still a little hesitant although I think he is afraid to stain them because of the color or ruin them in some way. 

Cost:  $19.95 ARV
Available to purchase:  The Willow Store Retailers
Recommendation:  If it's reusable I love it....these were great quality!  I expect them to last a long time compared to any similar products.
Facebook:  The Willow Store
Twitter:  @TheWillowStore
Blog: The Willow Store
Giveaway:   The Willow Store is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a set of two Forever cloths of their own!

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