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       Does anyone get annoyed trying to take long road trips or even just sitting in the car with your children for an extended period of time and having nothing to keep them entertained?  Sure I have DVD players that work for a good amount of time with the right movie in for both ages but how much TV do you really want them watching.  I start to feel guilty if I use the TV as a babysitter to frequently.  I feel like I should be influencing them in a better way. 

     I recently discovered the Auto Learner - a solution to the same ol' movies.  And this opportunity could not have come at a better time!  We recently had to make our yearly trip to Georgia to visit my husbands entire family for the holidays.  This is a 12-13 hour drive from Michigan, this IS NOT FUN!  Two years ago we took the trip before Declan was born with Alana (11) and Dane (1.5).  On the drive back the kids were so bored and annoyed with each other they broke not one but two portable DVD players.  Never again will we be that unprepared to entertain.

     This year we brought along our Auto Learner to help Dane with his alphabet.  The best part is his sister was more than happy to play with him because it gives her a sense of accomplishment as well.  Although the lessons were very difficult to slide in and out without crinkling the paper so that was disappointing.  The Auto Learner is a plastic lesson holder that attaches to the front-seat headrest of a car.  Its almost a lesson board for the car.  You can print out interchangeable educational lessons depending on your child's needs.  "The educational lessons consist of color layouts highlighting educational information for children, such as alphabet, numbers, colors, letter sounds and everyday objects." 

Cost:  $18 Auto Learner
Most lessons range from $1-3. 
$2 Alphabet Lesson Plan
Recommendation:  This is a really cute idea and fairly inexpensive.  My only complaint was printing out my own lesson plans (but that was of course because I was completing a review) and that they did not slide in and out very easily.  Otherwise, this tool is great even if you want to print your own plans/activities and place them in the holder.
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