Quaker Pet Group RAIN Collar and HEAR DOGGY! Toy Review


     So we are big animal lovers in my household but over time we have decided on a few rules for our household pets based on our pet peeves (haha that wasn't meant to be ironic).  I am not a lover of having lots of the wet pet smells on EVERYTHING.  Even though I have always had multiple animals, I have tried very hard to keep my home from smelling that way.  So we are very cautious to let the dogs out frequently before any wet weather if we can avoid it.  Another big rule is the no stuffing and no squeaker rule.  I can tolerate the noise more than my husband but neither of us have any patience for the fluff every where in our house ten minutes after giving the dogs a new toy.  So when Quaker Pet Group contacted me and asked if I would complete a review on their newest products I was pretty thrilled.

Quaker Pet Group     The first product is from their new RAIN line which features portable, wearable, convertible water-repellent raincoats for dogs.  These look like a fanny pack for dogs!  The RAIN collar comfortably fits over your dogs collar and unzips to cover your pet in seconds.  This rocks because it makes your job so much easier.  Believe it or not I actually have rain coats and other dog gear to keep my babies warm and dry in the cold Michigan weather but they never where any of it.  I am just too lazy to put it on every time and afraid that if I leave it on they may chew it off!

     The RAIN Collar is available in sizes small to Xlarge and comes in two colors - black or yellow. The Rain Bandanna is also available in sizes small to Xlarge and comes in two colors - blue or yellow/red.  I thought this worked well for Rayne but it was unfortunately too small for Capone.  I especially liked the leg straps to keep it in place!  I could not believe how much was packed into the little "fanny pack"

     The next product is from another new line called HEAR DOGGY!®.  This new collection consists of ultrasonic plush toys with a squeaker that ONLY your dog can hear!  Yes, you heard me won't hear a thing!  Your dog can have a blast playing all day and night thinking they are making the noise of a lifetime.  Meanwhile, you can sleep, YOUR children can nap, and everyone can watch the TV without having to turn the volume up louder than the irritating dog toy.

     "Hear Doggy! toys are available in 2 plush designs: Stuffed toys (Blowfish, Whale and Penguin, available in small or large) and Flats (Deer, Rabbit and Skunk) come in one standard size and contain no messy stuffing in the body."  These worked just as well as they said they would as I never heard a thing.  Best yet, the toy I was sent to review was a stuffing free so I never even had to deal with the mess!  I could not believe how much Rayne loved her new toy.

Cost:  $6.99-$8.99 Hear Doggy
All sizes of Collar/Bandanna $12.99 RAIN (update: This item is discontinued) 
Recommendation:  Totally love both of these products especially the dog toys.  I will be buying these toys from here on out especially for the low price you can purchase them for.
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  1. Just got a Hear Doggy toy for my puppy Airedale and he loves it. I was scceptical at firts but tried squeezing it when he was out of the room and sleeping and he came running. Will get more as this one gets mangled. Thanks for the post.


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