BioBagUSA Kitchen Composting System Review and Green Resolutions Giveaway Hop

As you all know I have a composting category under the Embrace the Green section all about worm composting.  I love my worm compost!  Not only do I feel like I am recycling even more than just the basics but since starting the compost my garden has been amazingly more fruitful!  The only complaint I have about composting is how difficult it is to keep up. 

I usually don't like to take the food out to the worm unless I have a larger amount.  But of course who likes leaving old food on the counter for too long.  It can start to smell and even attract fruit flies.  And honestly the worms won't eat your food (ie. fruit peels, egg shells, etc.) until it has molded in a bit.  So in researching other options I came across the company BiobagUSA.  Biobagusa produces different size bags that are biodegradable made from Mater-Bi (which “breathe” allowing heat and moisture to escape or evaporate).  Because this material is consumed by micro-organisms in a composting environment they are completely compostable helping everyday waste break down faster and as we know keeping plastic out of our landfills.  They also make a plastic containers to keep on your kitchen counter for the leftovers! 

I was given a chance to review the composting system AND be a first one to review that has a worm compost.  Unfortunately for me I just discovered the compost freezes here in Michigan during the winter.  I actually freaked out because I thought my worms would all be dead but thankfully they cocoon themselves up for the low temperatures!  I will update everyone in the spring regardless as to if the worms eat these bags up. 

As to the bag and container for the kitchen - worked great!  I noticed no smells and no flies.  I did notice that after about a week and a half the bag started to sweat from all the food which to me meant it was beginning its breaking down process.  I was able to pack things together and put in a separate bin outside to compost over the rest of the winter and to use in the spring! 

Cost:  $6 BioBags, $10 Composting Basket
Available to purchase: Retail stores
Recommendation: I love the bags and am sold on them for good!  As for the basket I have moved the bags into a more decorative container that I can keep on my shelf.  The cost of both is very reasonable and makes it hard for you to not start composting.
Facebook:  BioBagUSA
Twitter:  @Biobagusa
Giveaway:  BioBagUSA is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a kitchen composting system of their own!

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  1. aww i missed the giveaway but thanks for the info ..i always wanted to know tips on this!!


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