Lil' Diner Baby Diner Dish Holder Review

  Baby Diner

     One of the first things I learned as a parent of a toddler (or even younger) is non breakable and spill proof are necessities.  Thankfully Dane wasn't huge on throwing everything on the floor but he still went through the phase of "let me see how many times you will pick that up before getting annoyed".  I don't even know where to get started with "destructive Declan"!  Nothing stays on a plate and nothing stays on a table/highchair.  Plus with Declan for some reason he gets a kick out of dumping his dishes directly on his head...Really?!

     I have tried a couple of types of no spill dishes even the ones with a built in suction cup on the plate - none of which have worked.  Then I discovered the Lil' Diner and I'm hooked!  The Lil' Dinerhas suction cups built on both sides of a saucer - two on the side that attaches to the table and one for the dish side.  The suction works so well, I am for the first time actually confident in using a ceramic dish for Declan.  Declan has even been pretty angry since he has tried with all his strength to move this dish in anyway and can't.

     Whether or not it is new could play a factor but I have already washed this in the dishwasher several times and the suction seems to work just as well as the first time I used it.  Also, I know you can always clean with a little rubbing alcohol if you think there maybe a build-up but I am extremely happy with its performance.  Now if only I could teach him to stop reaching in and feeding the dogs, we would be all set!

Cost:  $14.99 Baby Diner
Available to purchase:  Lil Diner
Recommendation:  $15 bucks saves me not only tons of plate ware or buying all plastic but saves me time cleaning up as much of a mess?  SOLD!  This was such a nifty little device that actually works!  They also make cup and plate savers as well to check out.
Facebook:  Lil Diner
Twitter:  @babydiner
Youtube:  Lil Diner

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