Glee Gum Make Your Own Gummies Kit Review and Giveaway

  Glee Gum
     This next company I discovered from another blog and just had to contact them.  It was just one of those products that I thought was sooo cool but curious if it really worked.  Glee Gum has several Make Your Own Candy Kits and an all natural gum line. 

     My choice as to what kit I wanted was very easy - I picked the Make Your Own Gummies Kit.  Dane is obsessed with gummies of any kind.  In fact the only way we can get him to take his vitamins is if they are the gummy vitamins. 

     When I received the kit I was a little skeptical about how they might turn out since they are made from real seaweed.  I have got to tell you these were very easy step by step directions.  Even when I thought maybe I wasn't quite following them perfectly everything seemed to flow into the next step without feeling rushed or confused (as you see I have tons of pics).  The hardest part was deciding on shapes for my gummies.
     As you can tell we were not so great at making out gummies into a clear shape but I am sure with practice this will come!  Towards the end of our experiment I decided I'd pour one big gummy and slice it later.  So really everything comes in the kit all you need is some water and your microwave.  The best part of these is they don't take much effort or time for the impatient little kids like Dane.
Ending verdict - fantastic, if you don't judge on my designs!  They tasted like any other normal gummy candies (although a little less strong of a flavor).  I left the sour mix off of Dane's since he said he wouldn't like it.  Alana and I powdered ours up and they tasted great!  I can only imagine what the make your own gum kit turns out like!  I guess I'll have to try that one next.

Cost:  $13 Make Your Own Gummies Kit
Available to purchase:   Glee Gum Store Locator
Recommendation:  I totally loved these!  I think $13 is totally reasonable for a MYO kit as well.  My only complaint is that I wish the kit made more as these were gone faster then it took to make them.
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Giveaway:  Glee Gum is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Make Your Own Candy Kit of their own!

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