William Bounds Sili Gourmet Sili Steamer Basket Review

     So if your anything like me, you have more kitchen utensils than you know what to do with!  I swear I have a decent size kitchen with a lot of cupboard space (even after moving into a smaller house recently).  But no matter how hard everyone tries, the longer you are in a home the more cluttered things seem to get.  With all you seem to accumulate, you end up with less space than expected.  One of the kitchen categories that seems to drive me crazy because of all the space it takes up, is my colanders and steamers.  I eat steamed veggies with just about every meal so I have several gadgets to do so every night.  Therefore, I have to have a cabinet completely dedicated to these.

     Thankfully I was asked to review the new Sili Gourmet Sili Steamer Basket from William Bounds, changing my cabinet schematics completely.  The Sili Steamer is a silicone made steaming basket that completely collapses flat.  So not only does it fit most any place in my kitchen but I could purchase a dozen of these and stack them all together in one place neatly.

     The Sili Steamer works great to steam any veggie (fish, meats and grains) in a hurry.  Just place it on top of a boiling pot or in the microwave with your vegetables inside and cover with the silicone lid it comes with.   I also used my Sili Steamer as a colander which makes it multi functional.   Even though there are not hold on the sides of the basket only in the bottom, it still served its purpose to drain my pasta (maybe just not as quickly as a regular one).

Cost:  $25 Sili Gourmet Sili Steamer Basket
Available to purchase:   William Bounds
Recommendation:  I love William Bounds as all their products just seem to be high quality and always have such neat designs.  Although I do think they are a little over priced but so are their competitors for what you are paying for.
Facebook:   William Bounds

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