Yum Yum Dishes Review

     I know we've discussed before the importance of setting a great example for our little ones but now a days there are so many things we as parents have to worry about.  Well one way we can start is teach them young about portion control.  I frequently catch myself eating several helpings of lunch, dinner, or even snacks.  Children don't know the difference like we do so we need to help them by making an example and fun to eat smart amounts.

     Yum Yum Dishes are not only colorful and fun plate ware, but at the bottom of your bowl or plate it says "Yum Yum time is...over".  This has been great for me because it is a helpful little reminder to stop and give myself a break (of course you need to still have self control and actually stop).  The mini snacks bowls even has a plastic snap on lid so you can take proper portion snacks on the go. 

     My only complaint is I am afraid "Destructive Declan", my youngest, could accidentally throw the bowl on the ground and break it.  These would be even better if they had a non breakable options such as plastic or stainless steel.

     Yum Yum dishes were created by a mom like me and you found herself eating a whole bag of potato chips before she realized it and mom we get so busy and forget to watch are portions are cells not only house to ourselves healthy but he said that example

Cost:  $24  4-4oz Bowls with lids
          $29  4-9in Plates
Available to purchase:   Yum Yum Dishes
Recommendation:  These are very cute dishes but they are too expensive for my taste.  They might be something for me to consider for myself but not for my kids with how easily they could break these.
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YouTube: Yum Yum

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