Love Mode Wesite/Shirt Review and Gift Card Giveaway

     My daughter of course doesn't think I have style since we are polar opposites when it comes to clothing.  Thankfully my mother and her actually share of the same taste in shopping.   She has tons of clothes from her days out with Grandma and Aunt Jesse.

     While shopping online over the holidays for Alana's clothing, I discovered a new site called Love Mode.  They have all sorts of cheap juniors clothing.  I would almost compare them to a Charlotte Russe (except online).  I chose a really cute striped shirt to review and oddly enough when it came Alana wanted it (which made me feel "cool").

     The shirt itself was very soft and felt as though it was made of a decent material.  Although I'm sure like most of that kind of juniors clothing, it may "wear" usually after several washes.  There was thing I was not a fan on the site.  While browsing through pictures to choose a shirt, I noticed that several of the model pics had the girls thongs hanging out in the back view of the clothing.  Not only is this tacky and distasteful, it was a turn off to purchase several of the items.
Burgundy Striped Top

Cost:  $17.89 reg but on sale $12.52
Available to purchase: Lovemode
Recommendation:  I thought the prices were great and juniors clothes were trendy just wouldn't recommend for early teens. with the showing thongs and club/ bar style dresses these are definitely made for college/early twenties age.
Facebook: Lovemode
Giveaway:  Lovemode is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a $25 Gift Card to spend on the site!

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