Neater Feeder Large Pet Feeder Review and Giveaway

Neater Feeder

     This may sound strange to non pet owners, but they just don't make homes convenient or fitting for pets to live in.  Silly, I know right?!  But if your like us we have always had several pets at one time.  There are a couple issues we've encountered at each place we've lived which is where to fit "their things".  This includes the litter box, pet beds, and most importantly the food and water dishes.  If your not strategic about this you could end up with a huge mess from food pieces everywhere or wet floor you could slip on.

     We have always had a stand to try and help with the messes, but as all things I've tried it just doesn't eliminate the issue.  Then I discovered the Neater Feeders.  This is a dog/cat bowl stand that has the solution.  Not only is it available in several sizes (from small cat dog too large dogs up to 100 pounds) but there are adjustable leg extensions as an optional feature which will allows the Neater Feeder to extend to 11" tall

     There is a nice built up wall along the back of the feeder to prevent splashing or food from being knocked behind and lost.  They've also thought about those of us who never fail to kick the bowl in spill water all over the floor.  There is a nice grated area at the bottom for the water to drain underneath to prevent the mess all over the floor.

Cost:  $59.99 Large Neater Feeder or $65.98 with leg extensions
Available to purchase: Neater Feeder
Recommendation:  So does this work? Yes not only does it keep the food water neat wherever you choose but it is a hard plastic so it should last for a long time even with my crazy dogs.
Facebook: Neater Feeder
Neater Feeder
Twitter:  @NeaterFeeder
Blog:  Neater Feeder Blog
Giveaway:  Neater Feeder is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Neater Feeder of their own! 

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