ecoSTORE USA Laundry Liquid and All Purpose Cleaner Review


     I think everyone by now knows I am allergic to Tide detergent.  I have been since birth or at least as far as I remember.  My father and sister are also allergic.  If I wear clothes that have been washed in Tide I break out in hive or worse if I sleep in a bed that has been washed in Tide I have a severely hard time breathing throughout the night and into the next day on top of the hives.  So for the majority of my life I have been very picky about the types of detergents I choose to use.  Five years ago I bought my first front loader which initially proposed an issue since Tide was the main supplier of HE Detergent.  I was forced to explore other brands as well as stock up when I found them to avoid having a reaction.  Over the course of the last couple years I have tried to transition my family into a much greener world and one of those ways meant making my own cleaners at home (laundry detergent most specifically).  I know first hand how harmful some of the every day chemicals we use in our homes can be.

     Recently, we were asked to try ecoSTORE USA's Laundry Liquid in our front loader.  I was super pumped to see how this would work compared to others I've been asked to try.  I've had no reaction to any of the clothing or bedding and although I am no scientist, all appears to be clean.  There are no nasty smells on any of the laundry and even though nothing was majorly stained, it all came out looking no different than when using any another detergent.  My clothes seem to have a fresh scent once washed from the coconut and eucalyptus oil.  Since this formula is super concentrated I use much less per load meaning it is going to last me quite some time (in a household of five that goes a long way in my book). 

     I was also given the chance to try ecoSTORE USA's All Purpose Cleaner.  This product is fantastic in my opinion because the one great test I have for any cleaning product I use, it passed.  We all know what a pain it can be to clean the microwave right?  Not only do all the splattered foods back into the walls but there are so many twists and turns and crevaces in our microwaves it is just impossible to get everything.  I have always cleaned mine by tossing a small bowl of water and a lemon or lemon juice in for about 2 minutes and then everything wipes clean without having to scrub it at all.  Well the All Purpose Cleaner worked exactly the same with the same great scent!

     "ecoSTORE USA Products are 100% Plant-Based" and their "guiding principle is that the end product must not only be better for the planet, but must also be better for the health of the user."  They also "strive to ensure our products perform as good as or better than the leading national brands."  Another great thing is that ecoSTORE USA has created a movement against "nasty chemicals" being used in any of our families products.  This includes being partnered with the groups Healthy Child Healthy World and The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

Cost: $6.75 32 oz Bottle Laundry Liquid 
          $3.95 All Purpose cleaner
Recommendation:  Really for less than 7 bucks I can get a bottle of detergent that is not only going to last me for weeks if not months but it is safe for my family, pets, AND the environment?!  Oh and I can get a safe multipurpose cleaner for cheaper than any of "those other brands"?!  Sign me up to get a regular delivery!  Well I guess not regular since I won't even have to order it that frequently.  This is a great company to give a try in my eyes!
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