Simple Green Household Cleaners Review and Giveaway

  Simple Green

      Always on the lookout for green friendly products, I recently came across a company called Simple Green®.  Right away I was interested in learning more because of their unique line of products.  These are not just your typical household cleaners.  They are very specific geared towards the different types of stone people have in the newer kitchens or with stainless steel.  They produce a large line of pet products as well as industrial strength outdoor cleaners for your home, grills, patio and car.

     The first product I tried was Simple Green®'s Stainless Steel One-Step Cleaner n Polish which I used on all my stainless steel products in the kitchen.  I was very curious to see if it would really work as well as the "other" brand I've used in the past at restaurants I've worked in.  The stainless cleaned virtually no different than any other cleaner AND a big plus that I noticed was afterwards there was no greasy film left.  I hated using the other brands because you always had to be careful not to get it on any other surfaces otherwise you will be doubling your time cleaning the mess.  Simple Green's Stainless Steel One-Step Cleaner n Polish can be used on most any other stainless steel or chrome surfaces such as "appliances, sinks, grills, faucets, fixtures, counters, trashcans, toasters, back splashes, and more. It also provides an anti-static surface that resists dust, water spots and finger marks."

     Next I tried the Simple Green® Stone products - Stone Cleaner and Stone Polish.  Although, I no longer have granite counter tops, I do have several marble surfaces around the house I was able to give this a try on.  A lot of people don't know but you really do have to be careful what you clean these stone surfaces with.  They may seem very hardy and almost impossible to damage but what you don't realize is prolonged use of a harsh chemical can actually break down the stone and over time show scratches and water marks much more easily.  The cleaner easily wipes any spills or debris and the polish makes it look all pretty and shiny!  Simple Green® Stone products can be used on "marble, granite, quartz, limestone, Corian®, Silestone®, ceramic, porcelain, engineered stone, and more."

    "Simple Green® strives to make a difference in the world — through better, safer cleaning products, and through charitable giving.  The EGBAR Foundation was founded in 1989 by Bruce FaBrizio, the President of Simple Green. EGBAR is an acronym for Everything’s Gonna Be All Right. The foundation’s mission is to provide educational opportunities that teach children about the environment and how to care for it."

Cost: $6.39 Simple Green® Stone Cleaner Combo Kit
         $6.39 Simple Green® Stainless Steel One-Step Cleaner n Polish Combo Kit
        $6.39 Simple Green® Stone Polish Combo Kit
Available to purchase:  The Simple Green Store
Also available at Ace Hardware, Benny’s, Home Depot, Barbeque's Galore, Hardware Hank, and Sears.
Recommendation:  You know if it is safer for the environment and my family I'm going to use it.  As far as price goes I don't think these are priced any different than the average similar products and when your talking about maintaining something as expensive as stainless steel or marble its almost worth it to pay a dollar or two extra.  Again Simple Green also has a long line of products for all areas of your home that would be worth checking out.
Facebook:  Simple Green
Giveaway:  Simple Green is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers the same Household Kit I received of their own! 

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