EvriHolder - Kellogg's® Pop-TartTM Container, Ketchup Kritter/Mustard Monster, and Campbell's® Soup Can-tainerTM Review and Giveaway

     So who here uses plastic baggies for sandwiches/snacks?  How about when/if you pack your lunch for work and the kids lunches for school?  What types of products do you load up in the lunch pack?  Well, there are so many edible products out there that the packaging either goes into the trash after eating or other products that people easily toss into a sandwhich baggie which is then too thrown away after!  This makes me sad to see when I know I can simply use reusable containers for my children's and my own lunches.  Through shopping at a store nearby called Five Below, I found myself a neat little container I had never thought of using - A Pop tart Holder.  I have always reused baggies for my leftover one from the boys breakfast.  But, when I thought all was good, the dog chewed ours up!  Thus, forcing me to find out who made these nifty containers and to my surprise EvriHolder had even more products for just about anything you could imagine!  I had discovered a whole new world of reusable containers. 

     I was super excited to try out the plethora of products I was given to try out!  Now I was given another Kellogg's® Pop-TartTM Container for my lil pop tart lovers so you know I did love this product!  It kept the crumbs with the pop tart no matter how it was kept in the cabinet and easily holds one pop tart.  I wouldn't recommend placing two in the holder though it does claims two will fit.  The holder just didn't seem to close completely with both pop tarts.  Also I wouldn't recommend leaving a pop tart in this holder for weeks because just like everything opened it will go stale.  The great thing is these look just like real pop tarts so my children know to grab these first before opening a new package if its in the cabinet.

     As goofy as this is going to sound, I have always wanted a soup thermos probably even since I was younger.  I really don't have a clue why I just always thought they would be so cool if they would keep my soup hot until lunch so I could have a hot lunch at school.  So the next product I chose to try was Campbell's® Soup Can-tainerTM.  Now that I am older I actually eat soup for lunch frequently and this has come in handy!  This way I can open my can of soup and throw the can into the recycling bin at home instead of carrying it to and from work since there is no recycling there.  Although I don't preheat my soup since there is a microwave at work, I did give it a try to see how long it would stay warm.  I would say as long as you had the soup boiling when putting it in the thermos, it should still be warm 2-3 hours later.  Definitely a handy little gadget!

     Last I chose to review the Ketchup Kritter and Mustard Monster for just plain fun.  I knew the kiddos would get a kick out of them so I thought why the heck not?!  Only complaint is really of my own stupidity, I didn't read the instructions figuring what would I need to do that for causing me to spend quite a bit of time squeezing the heck out of my bottles and getting nothing to come out.  Later in the evening Kevin shared with me there is a reason for directions with everything (haha), the plugs needed to be cut in order to allow the ketchup or mustard to flow through.  After doing so these worked great and each dinner we use these condiments, has a special giggle to go along with it since these are so silly.

     EvriHolder Products products "represent all those things you never realized you needed but seem indispensable once you have them. Our Licensed Products portfolio includes powerful brands like Campbell’s, Pepperidge Farm, Crayola, Kellogg’s, Wonder and Hostess."  There is an amazing amount of products to purchase from cleaning, storage and organization, to kitchen, barware, and bath.  You could literally spend hours on their site checking everything out!

Cost: Is unlisted for each of these items however I can tell you all have to be under $5
Campbell's® Soup Can-tainerTM
Kellogg's® Pop-TartTM Container    
Ketchup Kritter - Mustard Monster
Available to purchase:  Contact EvriHolder if you are looking for a specific product.
Recommendation:   I agree with everything I said these are such creative gadgets you never thought you needed but once you try em you won't want to go without them especially since they are so cheap and save you money from the start.
Giveaway:  Evriholder is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Ketchup Kritter and Mustard Monster of their own!

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