VZ Wraps Fabric Gift Bags Review and Giveaway


     So I finally just ended the busiest season in my families year.  From the traditional holidays celebrated at the end of each year through St. Patricks Day, my family is jam packed with parties and celebrations including most of my extended families birthdays.  On Christmas alone it hurts me to say we use well over dozens of rolls of wrapping paper then not to mention on the birthdays in the coming two months, its sickening if you are even remotely an eco-conscious person.  The sad thing is that most wrapping paper is not recyclable because of the dyes and additives.  "According to the Clean Air Council, an additional 5 million tons of waste is generated in the U.S. during the Christmas holidays and a substantial portion of that is wrapping paper and shopping bags."  I have always tried to reuse bags or even reuse bigger pieces of wrapping paper if in good enough condition.  Now I don't even have to do that since I discovered VZ Wraps.

     VZ Wraps make fabric gift bags that can be used as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional wrapping paper and gift bags.  "Handcrafted in the Philadelphia area, the bag sizes are based on no-waste cutting, so that all the fabric is used leaving no scraps behind. Most of the ribbons are made in the USA, primarily from recycled materials."  VZ Wraps can be used for just about any event as they come in five different sizes starting from gift card small (4 ½- 5” wide and 7 ½” – 8” high) to large (21-22” wide by 24” or 27” tall).  From what I could tell there were well over 30 patterns to choose from for any occasion or person.

     These have not only come in handy and made me feel much more at ease about my gift giving BUT have started a great trend in my family as I am sure we will all continue to build our stock of VZ Wraps fabric gift bags.  Hopefully by Christmas we won't have to use a single non-recyclable wrapping paper roll.

Cost:  Gift Card Holders/Small Gift Bags (4 ½- 5” wide and 7 ½” – 8” high) $3.25
          Wine Bottle Bags (6.5” wide x 15” high) $6
          Standard Fabric Gift Bags (10” wide by 15” high ) $7
          Medium Cloth Gift Bags (17” wide x 19” high) $10
          Large Fabric Gift Bags (21-22” wide by 24” or 27” tall) $12
Available to purchase: VZWraps
Recommendation:  I would recommend these to everyone just to save money in the long run and then as an added bonus of being "green"!  You are guaranteed to lessen your garbage pile for any major gift event all while feeling better about your purchase!  They aren't too costly and remember once you have them you never have to spend the money again unless its to build your supply up of these.
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Giveaway:  VZ Wraps is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a fabric gift bag assortment of their own!

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  1. I think the medium size in the Black Birthday w/ Turquoise EcoGrosgrain fabric is great! Jody h

  2. I like the standard size with Purple Dots with Cranberry EcoGrosgrain fabric.

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  4. I like the small black/white- Good for any occasion

  5. standard size Jasmine w/ Turquoise EcoSatin

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    Love the Medium "Presents with Green Grosgrain" and "Evelyn with Navy Satin". Nice giveaway. Thanks.
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