Fraas Animal Print Scarf Review

     The other day my daughter, Alana and I were cleaning through some storage boxes as we came across several light weight scarves.  She quickly asked me, "what did you wear these with Mom?  They don't seem like something you would wear!"  She was correct as I never wore these as actual scarves but as almost belts when I was in high school.  I tried to explain to her that it was an "In style" thing when I was younger and that I wore them to accent my curvy features and hide the less desirable ones.  Though she still looked at me with confusion since she had the idea that scarves were meant to be worn to keep you warm not stylish.  The perfect email came shortly after asking me to review a scarf by FRAAS from their new Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

     FRAAS brand is debuting more than 30 new styles in the upcoming season.  Each new style reflecting a different aspect of this years trends with animal prints leading the way.  I was actually given an Leopard animal print scarf to review which coincidentally matched my dressy jacket.  I wear this one all year round since it is just the right weight and looks super cute with any outfit.  My new scarf not only perfectly compliments the jacket but can be worn in several other ways such as how I described earlier to Alana.  I especially liked pairing it with a solid pair of pants, a solid shirt and tie it around my hip area as a little flare. 
     The scarf measures 28 x 80 inches and is made of lightweight acrylic (which is also wrinkle-free).  The website is definitely one to check out if you are an accessory guy or gal.  They have quite the variety of styles and patterns - several which I thought were absolutely beautiful!  As you can see in my photos, my lil' Declan absolutely loved the scarf because of how soft it was.  He is constantly stealing it away from me brushing it against his face.
Cost:  $40
Available to purchase:  FRAAS
You can also find these on Amazon or by calling the company direct at 212-575-0191
Recommendation:  Although I absolutely love this and frequently where it with several outfits, I cannot see spending $40 on just one scarf.  I even asked my mother what she thought about it since she wears mostly designer clothing and as nice as she thought it was she said it was a bit pricey for her taste as well.
Facebook:  FRAAS
Twitter @fraas_scarf

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