Grandoe Hush Puppies Spring Break Slipper Collection Review and Discount Coupon Code

Hush Puppies
     I have to start out this review by telling you something personal about myself that I generally don't go around bragging about. I hate to wear shoes because my feet sweat an absurd amount no matter what type I try.  I wear flip flops all year round because I cannot stand that gross disgusting feeling of wet socks or the embarrassment of taking my shoes off around others and have them smell even in the slightest bit.  I only wear close toed shoes to work in and in the winter I will wear fuzzy socks instead of slippers.  This has always been fairly disappointing to me since I could never wear the cute boots or fun slippers like most others do.  Luckily, I was recently asked to review Hush Puppies Spring Break Slipper Collection.

     "The Spring Break collection is all about Plush, Plaids and Prints.  Consisting of casual and unique slipper styles, this collection is designed to appeal to women and men seeking to express their individuality with fashion ease. Each style is ideal for lounging at home, spending time at the pool, beach or spa or even a neighborly stroll with a pet." 
     The slipper style I received was the Willow which is designed like a flip flop (perfect for me and my sweaty feet).  These are made with a micro-terry interior which is extremely comfortable.  These keep your feet warm as if you are wearing the softest of slippers however they have an out sole that is durable and made to be worn even outdoors.  Of course I fell in love with these and have been wearing them most every day.  Alana has asked me to get her a pair in the Ginger style which is more like a clog slipper.  I just love how these slippers make me feel like I am walking on clouds!  My only complaint is that I am not a plaid style person regardless of color so I'd like to see Hush Puppies come out with a solid color design.  Although these two styles are women's that run from size 6-10, there are also several other men's styles available from size 9-13.

Cost:  $40 Willow Thong
          $42 Ginger Clog
Available to purchase:  Ginger Clog
                                   Willow Thong
Recommendation:  Although I absolutely love these AND use them all the time, I cannot see spending $40 on a pair of slippers
even if I feel like I'm walking on clouds.  They are just too much money in my opinion.
Discount: 15% off through May 31, 2012 using promo code: 15HUSH
Facebook:  Hush Puppies
Twitter @HPSlippers

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