Kushyfoot Open Toe Flats To Go Review

Kushyfoot, Massages your feet with every step

     I am not the type of girl to wear a lot of flat footed shoes so I had never thought of checking out slip on shoes.  Then, as I began preparing for my sisters wedding last fall and I realized the shoes I had picked out had a a good four inch heel.   Now in the past that would have never been an issue but two kids later and I wear flip flops everyday.  There is no way I was going to make it all night in those especially carrying around any kids.  So when my mother suggested a slip on for later in the
evening I began my search and discovered Kushyfoot.

     Kushyfoot is an entire line of slip on shoes, padded nylons and barely there socks.  All of which can be easily stashed away in even the smallest pocket purse.  These were not only great through the entire wedding last year but we have been using them since for different formal needs as well.  I am thinking my daughter is going to be a big fan once Homecoming rolls around this fall.  I was recently sent their newest pair to review - Black Open Toe Flats To Go.

     The Open Toe Flats To Go are a great idea for summer wear.  My daughter those they were awkward because of grip on the interior.  I love that they are made of a sturdy long lasting material like the other Flats To Go.  I wouldn't have pictured something so pocket and petite to last very long but these do not appear to wear very quickly, unless of course you tried jogging daily in them!  These slip on easy and are a quick solution whenever and wherever needed.  My only complaint is the "look" as they just plain looked funny to me once slipped on.  If I had a choice, I would prefer to pack up a pair of flip flops and wear them instead.

Cost: Open Toe Flats To Go $9.99
Available to purchase: Kushy Foot
Recommendation:  I would recommend these to just about any woman any age any shoe size!  They are comfy and even though they are made to roll up and go anywhere, they are sturdy made at a very decent price!
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Twitter: @Kushyfoot

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