Zipit Bedding Review


     When we moved two years ago from our large 3 level home to a much smaller single level home, we ran into several obstacles - one big one being space as I so obviously just mentioned.  My teenage daughter is very fortunate when it comes to physical possessions, however because her room size was cut in half during the move she was forced to get creative in the storage of all her things.  We decided when we moved to build her a loft bed.  We hoped this would help open up her room a bit more but it has really hindered her bed making skills (as if they weren't bad enough, haha).

      I recently came across Zipit Bedding which is actually geared towards teaching little ones how to make their beds and making it a much easier transition on them.  The great thing about this bedding though is the way we were able to use it universally between our children and especially for our picky teenager.  The fitted sheet slides over the mattress just like a normal one.  The difference is the comforter itself zips to the fitted sheet making it easier for little ones (or in our case hard to reach
beds).  It even has a cute little zip pocket near the top which was perfect for Alana to keep her cell phone since the average nightstand doesn't even come close to the height of her bed. 

     Zipit Bedding comes in twin and full sizes and two colors - pink or blue.  Unfortunately, Alana wasn't thrilled with the pattern even though i thought it was cute.  I might have even been better off even going with the blue pattern even with the boy pattern it matched her room a bit better.

Cost:  $59.99 Twin or $69.99 Full 
Available to purchase:  Zipit Bedding
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Recommendation:  This is a fantastic idea at either price but especially at the discounted one of course.  My only complaint is that I'd like to see more patterns.  This would even make a great gift for the college bound heading to the dorm rooms!
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