Dorfman Pacific SCALA COLLEZIONE Collection Sun Hat Review

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With summer already here, I was recently asked by Dorfman Pacific to review the SCALA COLLEZIONE collections newest sun hat - the Sewn Ribbon Crusher.  Not only does my mother wear these all summer long, but I have also been looking at purchasing my first one as well.  They just seem so fun and flashy to wear around the pool or at the beach.  I even wanted it to wear while working in my garden.

I honestly haven't a clue as to what exactly I can say to all of you about a hat.  I mean really it's a hat.  What do you say - you either love it or hate it.  It's just that - A Hat.

Though, the more I looked into it this is truly a hat with a lot of positive points.  It can easily be rolled up and stuck in a purse or luggage for easy travel without worrying about distorting the form or wrinkling.  When washed it is also without fear of destroying the shape.  Since I picked white I was really afraid it would get filthy because of the boys and never look the same once I tried to clean it.  Which so far seems to be false (although it hasn't gotten too overly messed up with finger marks or anything).  I did wash it to test if the shape would hold and it did. The hat also protects from harmful UV rays up to UPF 50.
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Cost:  $30
Available to purchase:  Hatford York
Recommendation:  These are super cute hats that are even one size fits all because of the ribbon around the brim which can be used to adjust it.  Even at $30 they are pretty reasonably priced since this is a hat you can take most anywhere for some major sun protection.
Discount: The hat will be available from 5/10/12 through 6/30/12 for a 20% deduction which means $24 Use Promo Code: SunHatSave20

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