Roast My Weenie Cthulhu Review (slight adult content)

     Okay so by now you should know we are big entertainers and quite the partyers in my household.  We love preparing all sorts of food and drinks for people in our home to enjoy.  Part of it is that I love to clean, set up and get ready for anything (although my husband thinks I'm a nut because of it).  Anyway, just about every holiday we have a get together of some sort whether it adults only or a family friendly party.  The exciting part about throwing all of these parties is finding new gadgets and recipes to introduce all of my friends and family to. 

     We are also a huge grilling family.  Although Michigan doesn't allow for a long summer season, you will find us grilling six out of seven nights and from the first remotely warm day (above 60 degrees outside) to the first day of snow if we can.  The food just tastes better and lets be honest it is much more fun to enjoy a nice day outside then cooped up indoors.

     I first discovered Roast My Weenie with probably some dirtier intentions.  My thoughts gearing the products towards our more adult themed parties.  When asked to review one of their products, Kevin (being a party pooper) quickly picked out the Cthulhu (the only non sexually referencing design). It is a skull that almost looks like the movie The Punisher's logo.  Besides this design the skewers are made to look like inappropriate body parts on a male and female.

     This couldn't have come at a better time because it arrived a day before our first group family barbecue.  We opened it up right away and of course showed it off to everyone.  It was a big hit of course.  These are great to avoid black hot dogs or even that burnt taste from sitting on the actual grill.  Besides using the "body parts" to roast hot dogs you can also use this like you would any other skewers for vegetables and other meats.  Because of it stainless steel design this is going to last practically forever and is very easy to clean. 

     Another really neat possibility is "The Original Roaster gives you the ability to have your name, favorite sports team, or about anything you want (characters are limited) cut into the base of the roaster. "

Cost:  $35
Available to purchase:  Roast My Weenie
Recommendation:  These can be used at home or while camping and can be personalized to represent favorite teams or with someones name.  What a great gift for anyone!  This is going to last a long time, at a great price and is sure to get some good laughs anywhere you take it!
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