DIY Water Globes - Green Friendly Tip

I have always thought the idea of the water globes was pretty cool but never wanted to spend the money since it really just gives me a reason to be lazy and not water my plants daily like I should.  Then, I started thinking "I'm sure I can make my own out of something I am just going to throw away."

All you need is a glass or plastic bottle with a lid - I used wine bottles, liquor bottles, larger water bottles, etc.  *You are now recycling as well as caring for your plants.

Hammer with a nail a few small holes in the lid 2-3 (too many/too large your water will just empty into the soil, one small hole will drain very very slowly and may not be enough to keep your plant hydrated)

Tip upside down and shove into the potting soil - now as your soil dries your water will drain slowly.

*Please still water your plants as this is really only a backup if you forget one day, your plants still need daily love


  1. Great idea. I would probably use a fancy olive oil bottle. My wife has quite the array of plants in the house. Another watering tip is anytime you have a water bottle with "stale" water in it dump it on the plants instead of the sink!

  2. my mom has some of those watering globe things from tv that she got for christmas. they are pretty but they dont hold enough water to make a difference. i have wanted to make my own too but i was thinking it would have to be a bottle with a skinny neck. i never thought about using a bigger bottle and poking holes in the lid. duh! next time i see a cool bottle at a thrift store i am going to get it now. thank you.


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