Klutchclub Monthly Box Subscription Review and Giveaway

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     Ok so we all know an important part of being a couponer is sending out requests for samples frequently so we can get the coupons that usually come along with the products.  But what about for the purpose of trying new things as well.  It seems as though the "new thing" is joining a monthly mailing club where you get a whole buffet of items to try out, test, and enjoy before you have to spend the full amount only to find out you dislike a product or the way it works.  The more popular and first of these kinds of mailing clubs or groups I think of are your beer or wine clubs.  The most recent company I stumbled across is KLUTCHclub

     It isn't easy to decide on a health or fitness program anymore since there are so many choices available, all promising you the world of health and weight loss.  With KLUTCHclub, you will receive a box in the middle of each month, filled with a plethora (over $50 to be exact) of health, wellness, and fitness products.  Not only do you get to try these items before buying them but you get special savings included in each box.  The items are changed each month and focus around a the profile you create when signing up.

     One of the exciting things I liked about KLUTCHclub was discovering new companies I didn't know existed and old ones I didn't know would work for me.  KLUTCHclub also provides exclusive member savings online as well as a generous rewards program for purchases, social media activities and referrals.

Cost:  $18/mo or $17/mo -3 month subscription or $16/mo - 1 year subscription
Available to purchase:  KLUTCHclub
Recommendation:  This is a pretty cool thing to get into if you are looking to get your family a little healthier.  I liked most of the products from this month and the ones I didn't I was still glad I was able to try.  The kiddos loved trying the new snacks as well as it was a fun way for them to learn how to be healthier.
Facebook:  KLUTCHclub
Twitter:  @KLUTCHclub
Giveaway:  Klutchclub is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers the box of their own to sample!
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